Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flubber (2007)

Recently Lily's preschool teacher let us take home the flubber that they played with at school today.  For some reason I was feeling hesitant, but Miss Kim assured me that flubber (very similar to silly putty) is much cleaner than play-doh.  Heh!  My kids had it in their hair and ground into their clothes.  That, of course in their minds, meant that the clothes had to come off.  I didn't really care.  My only rule is that they stay away from the windows when they are gorillas (their new description of naked life).  I realize this is no easy feat in our house, but I would still consider that rule more than fair.  Seconds later, I hear 4-year-old Violet saying "Look Lily…I made a vulva!"  Can you tell she is the child of a doctor and a counselor?   I look up to find her sitting on the flubber, making quite the impression.  I was speechless...and tired.  I don't think Miss Kim will want her flubber back.  Our gorilla rule may be changing soon.

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